The Renaissance... starting with Constantine

I love history. I absorb as much of it as I can from as many different sources as I can. However, I know how dry, dull, and boring it can be to actually learn it. Ray and Cam have to know that as well because they do everything they can to make the Renaissance as lively, vibrant, and downright bloody hilarious as it deserves. They are irreverent and snarky yet they know their stuff and they deliver a massive amount of knowledge, facts, opinions, and analysis with enough humor and bite to keep the listener entertained. They start their show on the Renaissance not on the Renaissance (that’s for plebs) but at the time of Constantine. Why? Because they want the listener to understand the world that the Renaissance was born into. Unconventional? Yeah. But it works. These guys know what they’re doing, at least Cam does, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do a podcast about the Renaissance.

12:25 pm (EST), December 11, 2018
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