Turn everything else off

After listening to an informative, fact based cold war podcast I was looking for deeper analysis. Hello Cam & Ray!! Having come across this in 2019 I have had a lot of catching up to do. Doing a podcast a day (at normal speed) has made me laugh to the point I had to pull over.
Listening to these guys, well mostly Cam, has been extremely enlightening. I had completely forgotten about Stalins musical exploits. The Yalta confernce.... no detail was missed over what was probably 612.7 hours of podcasting gold. No stone was left unturned including a double podcast on the political and social implications of the serviette rings at the first dinner, the in-depth discussion on the interior colour scheme of the plenary session meeting room and not play back Cams awesome Russian, American and English accents.
Seriously this is worth the paltry investment.
If you don’t know what part Count Dracula, a lemon tree and Chucky D played in rolling out the Cold War sign up now..
Sorry the rating only goes up to 5.

7:49 am (EDT), July 7, 2019
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