Really good "nuts and bolts" podcast.

As most people who probably stumble upon The Audacity to Podcast, I am interested in starting a podcast. I really like the fact the Daniel dives deep into the ins and outs of what you need think about when doing a podcast. All the episodes are well structured, easy to follow and very actionable. That's why I'm a subscriber.

Now to why I'm a "Nan" (I just coined that and it means "New Fan" - Corny, I know)...........

I listened to Daniels interview with John Lee Dumas (Episode 200) and I was highly impressed. It was by far the best interview of any of the A-listers I've heard in a long time. I might venture to even say, ever. He asked some really GREAT questions and got some really GREAT answers. If you do nothing else, check out that episode.

2:02 am (EST), January 4, 2015
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