Informative and easy-to-understand!

Daniel's podcast is just wonderful and I found him through the Podcasters' Roundtable podcast. My friend and I are about to start recording our podcast and with his tips, we already feel like pros, and not just lost little guppies trying to swim with the big fish. He makes learning so accessible for the novice, yet I'm sure even seasoned veterans get a lot out of what he does and the content he presents. He puts so much hard work into helping others launch their podcasts, it really feels like I had a crash course in podcasting after listening to just a few episodes!

In signing up for his newsletter, I got to be a part of a free webinar, as well. Every piece of information he presented was like a nugget of gold for us!

Thank you so much, Daniel, for making podcasting not as intimidating so we can get to the fun part faster and without making initial mistakes we would be agonizing over later!

11:16 am (EDT), June 13, 2015
via Apple Podcasts