Superb Show for Podcasters of Every Stripe

I’ve listened to 5 or 6 shows in the last few days and I’ve learned MANY things that will help me with my existing podcast and with a new one that I’m starting soon.

I have only one beef: when Daniel has a show of 10 or 11 things to learn, he’ll quickly read through his list (of 10 or 11 things) near the beginning of the show. I understand he wants to present them all at once and then give them to us with considerably more information, but hearing them rifled off for the first time just doesn’t work for me. I’m trying to figure out what each one means or is going to refer to, and a half a second later, he’s onto the next one on the list.

This does not detract from a 5 star rating as it’s just an annoyance that is completely offset by the valuable information he shares from show to show.

He’s able to articulate concepts clearly and can break things down so that even the novice podcaster can learn a great deal here.

Highly recommended!

1:35 pm (EST), December 12, 2015
via Apple Podcasts