Wade through to the info

Why I started listening to TAP.

I wanted to improve my knowledge of the hardware and software involved in podcasting and videocasting. This podcast has that information. Sometimes presented clearly, sometimes not. If you can wade through the talk, the information is valuable, useful, and timely. If you're a beginner podcaster, TAP can help you get started. He presents things clearly and repeats himself so that you don't have to rewind to catch his instructions. Good for beginners and people easily distracted.

Why I get irritated listening to TAP.
Sometimes it takes the host a long time to get to the point. If you like tangents and 'funny' asides, TAP is for you. If you want to be constantly reminded that he has another podcast and a network, TAP is for you. I've stopped counting the number of times he mentions his other podcasts in one show. If you want your information front and center, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Why I stopped subscribing to TAP
The 8/2/2011 show, show 44. I fast-forwarded through 11 minutes (Eleven!) of self-advertising, asides, chitchat with himself, reminders of his other podcasts, and reminders to listen to show XX for more information, he finally said, "Let's get to it." And then went off on another tangent. Click, whirl. Unsubscribe.

TAP might be just the podcast you're looking for: chatty, informative, easy-going. I'm sure he has many listeners. I listened while I drove to work and an hour podcast is too long, especially when it can be reduced to 30 minutes or less with no loss of information. But if you like a friendly (I like his voice, by the way), talkative AND informative host, check out TAP.

12:18 am (EDT), August 3, 2011
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