Pretty good, but…

Daniel covers a lot of good information, but several aspects bother me enough to unsubscribe. But feel free to judge for yourself.

1. One of the first tips I remember is to be prepared and research anything you're not sure about because nobody wants to hear you trying to remember some detail, but I've lost count of how many times he has mentioned something that's "…either this or that, I'm not sure…"
2. The "Top ##" lists are really annoying when he goes over the entire list so far before each new item. Repetition can reinforce memory, but what about the last few that don't get repeated as much?
3. I found this while looking for tips on using Audacity, but much of his content leans more toward podcasting which is not for me.
4. Call me a Grammar Nazi (is there a more PC term that avoids the N-word?), but his grammatical mistakes, while certainly fewer than some other podcasters I've heard, are just enough to bug me.

3:57 am (EDT), September 14, 2012
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