INCREDIBLE resource! "If ONLY i'd fond this podcast 6 months ago."

I've just started podcasting a short time ago. I feel as though I have made every mistake there there is to make along the way, inadvertently going against some of the sensible and good advice that Daniel has shared in this series. BUT i'm a convert now...

Let me start of by saying that Daniel covers topics so impressively vast in range in this series of podcasts that it's likely there will be several episodes or even moments in each episode that wont be relevant to many people. However, it's unlikely that one would switch off/skip because he has a way of explaining and communicating each topic in such a simple well structured and best of all- WARM way that speaking personally, I just enjoy listening to him. I appreciate his coaching style immensly. Even Information that might not be of immediate benefit is easily contextualised by Daniel so one could pick out the 'transferable skills'.

If I could offer myself one peice of advice (not sunscreen) before I started podcasting- it would be to pick out key episodes of this show and burn throug them, allowing Daniel to hold my hand through the confusing, jargon filled world of creating audio dramas.
I'm not sure i'll ever need the amount of detail he offers with his paid content, but it's a testamanet to the guy that he puts out so much free content.

Good work mate, happy holidays and best wishes for the birth of your new child!

5:57 pm (EST), December 13, 2016
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