Podcast that inspires

When I started my own podcast ‘Breakup Recovery’ I was looking for podcasts about podcasting and I came across ‘The Audacity To Podcast’. I had no previous experience in podcasting, interviewing people or recording, so I was keen to find a podcast that could give me the knowledge and information that allowed me to feel confident in producing my own podcast. And that is what ‘The Audacity To Podcast’ has done for me.
I have found the information that Daniel shares to be both informative and relevant at the time of episode release. Most of the time I understand the content (there have been some times that I am not geeky enough to get it) but understand the relevance and feel confident that I can put his suggestions into place so that I can continually improve my podcast for my listeners.
I am grateful for podcasts like ‘The Audacity To Podcast’ that encourage fellow podcasters to continually improve and achieve amazing results. Thanks Daniel. Barbara Stevens Australia

10:14 pm (EDT), August 28, 2017
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