The Best to Ever Do It!

I have been a long-time listener of the show dating back to the early days of Julius Caesar and have prized it since its inception. The podcast is well-researched, offers thought-provoking insight, and is down-right hilarious. Although I am writing this review for the Life of Caesars, currently in the midst of Tiberius’ reign, it is apropos for any of Ray and Cam’s wonderful array of shows.

About a year ago, I lost my job but quickly found new employment which allowed me to listen to headphones for 6-8 hours per day while I worked. Up to that time, I was a regular listener of Cam and Ray’s Caesar show and a number of other (mostly history) productions - but none of the dynamic podcasting duos’ premium shows. Needless to say, with 30 plus hours per week to listen to podcasts, I caught up on my regular shows very quickly and was soon in search of new material.

I checked out the free early episodes of Cam and Ray’s Cold War Podcast and laughed harder than I ever have at one of Cam’s impersonations of Churchill, and this was well before he mastered the voice. I can’t reveal what exactly I found so funny during this review in case I ever decide to run for political office, but from that point, I was sold. I decided that the education and overall enjoyment I obtained from listening to these two was far worth the cost of the inexpensive memberships. Why waste my time on anything else?

It took me nine months to blast through the entirety of their catalog. That’s hundreds of hours of Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Cold War, Renaissance, Three Illusions and BS Filter the news and miniseries episodes. Despite appearances, this is not a review of my podcast listening prowess, but rather an attempt to drive home a point. If you are attracted to the idea of learning mountains of fascinating minutiae about historical figures and events that your high school history books glossed over in a paragraph or two while simultaneously laughing uncontrollably, look no further than Ray and Cam.

Cam has a beautiful, inquisitive mind and an innate ability to seamlessly relay a captivating narrative while boring deep into the recesses of historical themes and current events alike.

Sorry, and again, I don’t know how much you want to go into this or whatever, but it’s like we said before, it’s a zero sum game, you know, cui bono, and again we’re not saying that it’s good or bad or evil or whatever, it’s just realpolitik, and again like we’ve said over and over in our shows throughout the years, this is just the reality of the situation…or whatever.

If you understood and somehow inexplicably appreciated the preceding paragraph, then you are going to love Ray’s contribution to the show.

Just effing with you, Bubble Boy. Ray’s contribution is actually immeasurable.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t choose to spend my time listening to anything else. 5 stars all day every day!

2:04 pm (EDT), July 28, 2019
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