Insightful and Entertaining

I started listening to Once podcast a while ago when I ran out of episodes on ABC's Official podcast for Once Upon a Time. I'm glad that happened because I get so much more out of listening to Daniel, Jeremy, and Erin. They not only dissect each episode and point out details I never would have picked up on but they also provide insightful commentary with lots of real-world facts to back it up.

There are times that I don't agree with some opinions and find myself arguing with pre-recorded voices in my car stereo, but that's a sign that I'm truly engaged with the hosts. The production quality is so good that it actually makes me really frustrated when listening to other podcasts. Sound quality and consistent volume is something you usually don't appreciate until someone does it wrong. I never have that problem with Once.

Thanks for an excellent podcast and please keep it up.

10:31 pm (EDT), March 19, 2015
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