Great TV show podcast

Listening to this podcast has really enhanced my enjoyment of watching the show. I may not remember all the details of how the new episode relates to previous episodes, but I can get it all explained when I listen to the podcast. Sometimes the podcast runs a little too long, but I don’t really mind.

I think that Jeremy is the best part of the podcast and has the most level-headed ideas. Daniel sometimes has theories that are pretty out there, but Jeremy brings it back to Earth.

I stay spoiler-free, so I don’t listen to the spoiler section at the end. Generally this is fine, but occasionally the spoilery people co-host on the main podcast, and I don’t like that because even when they say “no comment”, it still gets slightly spoilery just knowing that there is something they can’t say about the topic. I think they need to keep the spoilery folks off the main part of the podcast, and make sure Jeremy is always there.

Now I feel like I’m complaining, but I really do enjoy the podcast and look forward to listening to it after each episode of the show. I wish that there were such high quality podcasts for other TV shows I follow.

10:18 am (EDT), March 27, 2015
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