Beers, Blokes and Business

The icing on my “live and breathe your business” cake.

In a nutshell? The blokes are the business mentors I would never in a million years have access to, especially in the very immature start-up phase of business. They speak and explain business in a way that’s relatable, especially to the regular everyday Aussie. Give me the intellectual “bogan geek” any-day, who actually knows what they’re talking about. When the blokes speak, I listen. There’s a bloke for every business personality type. You’ll find yourself saying “I completely agree with what he’s saying!” after yet another snippet of quality business advice comes out of your speakers. After regular listening, a pattern will emerge with who you relate to the most. Trying to catch up on the previous episodes, the blokes go with me everywhere. In my car while driving, in the wee hours of the morning (5am starts anyone?), in my downtime, on flights, at home on client-filled weekends... everywhere. The BBB podcast is the icing on my “live and breathe your business” cake. And I’m learning about beer. Highly recommended.

Review by Lorryn_Inches_DG, from Australia • June 3, 2015

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