The Renaissance Times

Fascinating, brilliantly insightful, irreverent, objective infotainment

Having been a longtime listener to Cam and Rays’ previous series’, I have to admit that learning the Renaissance show would begin with Constantine the Great, I heaved a sigh and declined to sign up. What a fool! This is possibly the best thing that Cam and Ray have done; the point is that we can’t understand what the Renaissance (rebirth in Old French) was a rebirth of, or from, or a reaction to without understanding the degree to which Christianity had stifled scientific (and any other) progress or even the process of intellectual questioning. And apart from this making the podcast start a thousand years before the Renaissance itself, it’s a fascinating insight into the early stages of Christianity becoming official state religions. The crude jokes and nicknames are still there but they compliment the delivery rather than disrupt it (just wait for Crispinus.... or maybe you can work it out) and who doesn’t like a blast of Toto’s Africa (most episodes feature the tune somewhere). So listen to the first few free episodes and make your own mind up but trust me; it only gets better.

Review by MotoPod Martin, from United Kingdom • December 29, 2018

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