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Tony forever - good investing is boring

Well finally a podcast where Cam is not doing all the talking!! I‘ve just discovered this podcast from Tony and I‘m only on episode 3. Just a small advice: you guys should not only talk about the 19.5% return but also about the volatility around this number, especially in time of market stress. Well, having travelled with Tony and Cam in Europe last summer I know this is going to be amazing podcast. It‘s refreshing to hear how Tony is nicely writing down his numbers on a little spreadsheet. Since I‘m running a retirement pension plan with some 34 bn USD and having travelled with these guys I can only recommend this podcast. The combination of the chatty Cam (descendant from the German Chatti tribe) and the highly analytical Tony is a match made in heaven. So, since all good investing is boring, this highly entertaining podcast is the best way to learn to invest your money and to make sure you get your fair share of the stock-market spoils and not your banker. Love the podcast Adrian

Review by Divicus, from Switzerland • September 1, 2019

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